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  4. kozuekawaii said: Seems reasonable. 2003 Sloth or original? ((Haha that's okay.))

    2003 Sloth. She kept to herself. Original Sloth was always so annoying with all his talk of “things being boring.” i just wish he’d shut up sometimes. 

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  5. kozuekawaii said: Do you prefer the 2003 Wrath or the original? I think 2003 Wrath is super adorable!

    I prefer the original Wrath. He’s much less irritating. I can’t stand how annoying ‘03 Wrath is. 

    ((I actually really like ‘03 Wrath. But to be honest, I don’t think Lust would at all. Also, sorry for no reaction images. I’m on my iPod.))

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  7. kozuekawaii said: ((Yay! :3)) I just thought of another good question for you. Because it kinda grosses me out. What do you think of the people who pair you with your siblings?

    ((I’m off school, so I’ll be able to update with pictures once I get on my computer.)) 

    I think those people are vile creatures. Let’s just leave it at that. 

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  8. kozuekawaii said: ((Hehe, it's all good. I love your blog, even if you rarely update. J found an askenvy blog and it only looks like they havent updated in like a year. xD)) So you're really loyal to your Father, huh? And I believe feeling "annoyed" at most of your siblings is normal. Little brothers are the worst. -Giggles.-

    ((Aw! Thank you! I feel like I should update the theme since I know how to make better themes now. So along with that expect frequent updates.))

    Yes, I am. But only because he is my creator and if I disobeyed him I’d end up like Greed. Not that I ever would. 

    Siblings can be very annoying. But I usually do not see them, so that is a plus. 

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  9. kozuekawaii said: Hi Lust! I think you are pure awesomness. And you're pretty~ Well, here's my question. What do you think of your siblings? Do you love them?

    Oh, a question? It’s been forever.

    My siblings? Well … 

    Envy’s annoying. 

    Gluttony follows me everywhere, but I guess he’s ok. 

    Greed’s annoying. 

    Wrath is annoying as well. 

    Sloth is too slow in the head. It gets on my nerves. 

    Pride is … well Pride is alright. He’s the most sensible one out of them all, I guess. 

    I wouldn’t say I love them, I tolerate them though, for Father. 

    ((OH! IT’S BEEN FOREVER! Sorry I haven’t been updating, my main blog got so much attention in recent months that I forgot about this one. Also, I’ll do this question for the Brotherhood verse. I’ve been watching that a lot lately, so … Also, I’ll add pictures later. My iPad isn’t working.)) 

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